The Narrows Team

We are committed to teaching you, motivating you and challenging you in every workout.

Know that your safety is our top priority at Narrows CrossFit. Read below to get to know us more. 

Narrows Crossfit Coach Michael Kelley

Welcome to Narrows CrossFit. I'm Mike, the head coach. Just a little about myself. I grew up here in the Harbor, attended Gig Harbor High School, Peninsula High School, and the running-start program at TCC. During this time, I played just about every sport in the book including football, wrestling, and soccer, along with typical weight lifting. I then went on to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and graduated Summa cum laude with a B.S. in Aeronautical Science and a commercial pilot’s license. After graduation, I came home and used my hobby of fitness as a vent for the frustrations of a rough aviation industry.

I found CrossFit at the beginning of 2008 and never looked back.  It changed who I was as a person and an athlete. It was the challenge to learn so many new skills, a never ending learning curve.  Daunting as it is, it is also an amazing adventure of trial, failure, victory, and reward, something that is not matched by any other training method on the planet. 

We are presented with little hardships every day; forks in our road that will change us forever. You have two choices, the easy way or the right way. I hope to give you the tools you need to take the challenges of life with confidence and passion, both of which can be had through hard work and a desire to redefine your potential. Sometimes it is best to take the road less traveled, just for the sake of the climb.  

There is no easy pill and I wouldn't want it any other way. This is CrossFit.

Narrows Crossfit Coach Matt "Da" Vig

The first and most important thing anyone should know about me is that I am married to a truly exceptional woman and we have been blessed with 4 wonderful children. I was raised in a small town in Cedar Fort, Utah. I moved to Washington in 2001 and Gig Harbor in 2010. I have tried many things to get into "shape" only to end up dissatisfied, feeling like I was not getting enough from my workouts. Something was missing.  I found Narrows Crossfit in 2012 and found a program that embodied what I believe about exercise. Working out should make me better at everyday life (home, work or play) no matter what life may bring. Crossfit gave me 2 things that I didn't even know I needed.  First, a challenging program with a trainer making sure I am moving properly and modifying movements if needed. Second, a group of AMAZING people to work out with. From high school athletes to grandparents and everyone in between, we all push each other and celebrate each other's successes.

I have trained in several martial arts programs and am a state instructor for law enforcement and teach self defense. In 2012, I attended several Crossfit courses prior to my level one certification in 2013. I love coaching! Watching people do things they once believed were impossible is one of the greatest things to witness. I am honored to be a part of the Narrows Crossfit family. Unknown, Unknowable, Unafraid.

Narrows Crossfit Coach Von Vanslyke


Narrows Crossfit Coach Daniel Holycross


Narrows Crossfit Coach Jeff Mundell

Jeff Mundell

Narrows Crossfit Coach Candice Sanchez

Candice Sanchez