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November 3, 2011

-- REST DAY --

A little entertainment on your rest day.  These are the videos the dark side watch when they're bored... Cool begining, I will give them that.  We're much better looking, don't worry.

You might be a meat-head.
1. When friends ask you what you’re doing tonight you replay, back and bi’s.
2. You pretend that you’re looking through a glass window as you walk by but are actually checking to see how your arms look in your shirt.
3. When you run into a friend you haven’t seen in a while and they say you look like you’ve lost weight, it ruins the rest of your day.
4. You spend more time watching internet videos of guys working out than you do of women in bikinis.
5. When you open your tub of protein only to realize you only have 1 scoop left you have a mild panic attack.
6. Before you go out you take a double dose of Nitric Oxide and do a few pushups so you look pumped up.
7. You quote Pumping Iron throughout your workout.
8. Before you lift anything you say “light weight baby!”