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May 12, 2011

Rest Day

Another great start to a week, I'm seeing tons of improvements across the whole board.  This week had a little of everything, bloody hands, failed handstands, missed lifts, PR's and more.  Normally many of these things would be frowned upon, why are they considered a victory in our community?  I was reminded of a great article that addresses this topic better than any I have read and really defines our attitude as CrossFitters:

From: "Fitness is...Character and Failure." - CFJ

"The bottom line is that fitness requires failure. Your body adapts to challenges it cannot meet in order to better prepare itself for the future. This process involves levels of intensity and fear that are typically uncomfortable but absolutely necessary. If you’re not outside your comfort zone, you will not improve. And if you’re not trying to improve, what exactly are you doing?" - Blair Morrison