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April 26, 2012

This artical post was inspired by recent events, and made me laugh, HARD. Thanks Theresa :-)

The Infamous ABMAT Ass-Crack Rash...

You’re excited about trying this out, so you gamely throw an Abmat on the floor and get crankin’. By the tail end of the workout, you’re exhausted and marinating in your own sweaty juices. With every sit-up, you’re violently jerking upright and spraying everyone around you with a fine mist of salty liquid. (They’re totally grossed out, but continue cheering you on anyway.)

But then you finish, and you PR’ed. Good work! You feel awesome. You ARE awesome. “My abs are gonna be sore tomorrow,” you think to yourself, “but I’m gettin’ purdy good at this CrossFit stuff.”

A half-hour later, you pop into the shower. And that’s when you notice the stinging sensation. You reach back and gingerly probe where it burns. Your eyes widen.

YOU HAVE AN ASS-CRACK RASH... (Read Full Artical)