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August 13, 2012

Just a quick tid bit to start your week.  Everyone struggles with some part of their body that inhibits movement.  It is easy to pass this off because working on mobility sucks. Period.  It's weird, uncomfortable and doesn't instantly give you a six pack.  But here is the unfortunate truth. Your inability to move with full range of motion and reach key movement points with proper body positioning is not only killing your performance but also limiting your results.  We establish those points for a reason, until you are able to reach them, work should be put in frequently to aide in that goal.  

A six inch squat is not a squat.  A deadlift that doesn't touch the ground isn't a deadlift.  A wallball shot that doesn't go from a full squat and reach it's target is NOT a wallball shot.  Chest to deck push-up, chin over bar pull-up, over head kettlebell swing.... the list goes on.  Strive for movement perfection and you WILL get faster, period.  It may not be instant but you WILL become more efficient and be able to move heavier loads.  ITS FRIKIN SCIENCE.  


Five rounds, each for time, of:
5 - Deadlift
5 - Hang Squat Clean
5 - Push Jerk
One Bar, Rest 90 Sec Between Rounds

The whole Black family getting down on some box jumps