Archived WODS

This is an archived history of Narrows CrossFit WODs. For the latest WODs, check here.

March 26, 2013

Perform the following sets in order, start AND end with the Low hang snatch. 

1) 4X3 Low Hang Snatch (1″ off floor)

These should be performed UB if possible, but it is not required. Remember weight is loaded in the balls of your feet in the bottom of a snatch, shift back to the heel as you pull your knees back, covering the bar with your chest to keep your hamstrings loaded as it passes the knee.  Focus on feeling those hammies!

2)  3X3 Snatch First Pulls + Hang Snatch Pulls

Pause for 3 counts at the top of the first pull. Then, from the hang position (end of the first pull), perform a snatch pull.

2) 3X3 Strict HSPU


  • For time:
  • Sprint 400 Meters
  • 3 Power Cleans (165/105#)
  • 30 Box Jumps (24/20")
  • 6 Power Cleans 
  • 15 Toes-2-Bar
  • 9 Power Cleans 
  • 15 Toes-2-Bar
  • 6 Power Cleans 
  • 30 Box Jumps
  • 3 Power Cleans 
  • Sprint 400 Meters