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May 29, 2013

Post Murph: Keep hydrating, stretching and taking in plenty of high quality protein.


4X4 1&1/4 Front Squats –  rest 90 sec. 

Notes: Do not focus on weight here, we are all sore and busted, I get it, get over it.  Focus on your movement, especially your knees.  Keep your hips active from the beginning to the end of the squat.  If you notice your knees caving during the transition or the bounce, go down in weight.


10 Deadlift/ 1 Box Jump 

9 Deadlift/ 2 Box Jump

Deadlift/Box Jump

Deadlift/ 4 Box Jump

6 Deadlift/ 5 Box Jump

5 Deadlift/ 6 Box Jump

4 Deadlift/ 7 Box Jump

3 Deadlift/ 8 Box Jump

2 Deadlift/ 9 Box Jump

1 Deadlift/ 10 Box Jump

Notes: Rx is (225/155) & (28/24)