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June 28, 2013


10 Minutes To Establish 3 Rep Max Deadlift

Notes: You will be loading this up pretty quickly so make sure your Hamstrings and Back are VERY warm before starting your heavy sets.  Bounces will count as no-reps, control your descents, you may drop bar on last rep.  


For total reps:

3 min ME Wall Balls (20/14)
3 min ME KB Swings (72/44#)

-1 min Rest

2 min ME Wall Balls
2 min ME KB Swings 

-1 min Rest

1 min ME Wall Balls
1 min ME KB Swings

-1 min Rest – then:

For Time:

20 reps at 80% 3RM Deadlift

 - Complete 30 Double-Unders every time you drop the bar.