Archived WODS

This is an archived history of Narrows CrossFit WODs. For the latest WODs, check here.

June 10, 2013

 - Saturday 6/15 Event: Get Up, Get Dirty @ Semel Park with Ross the Boss Gilbert.


1a) 4X3 Clean Pulls w/ 3 count pause at the knee – heavy, rest 60 sec.

2b) 4X4 1&1/4 Front Squats – heavy, rest 60 sec. 

Notes: Use our "set" procedure we worked on last week before pulling the clean to the knee.  This should involve activating lats and setting shoulders/upper back before loading hamstrings in the bottom.  Be absolutely strict about positioning as you come to the knee.  For squats, continue to focus on hip activation before you descend  push feet and knees wide.  If knees buckle, go down in weight. 


6 rounds for time of:

Row 20 Calories
15 Burpees

Rest 1 Min: 

3 Min Max Effort KB Swings (72/44) 

- Teams of two on each rower, each person must complete 6 rounds. One rests while other works, try to partner with someone of similar conditioning level. If you are alone, shoot for aprox. 1:1 work:rest.  After last round on rowers, each person is responsible for watching his/her 1 min of rest.