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August 7, 2013

REMINDER: Pilates Class Tomorrow (Thurs) @ 8:30am

Many people take getting in shape and working out WAY too seriously.  Lighten up, at one point in mankind's existence, being in shape was just a matter of life.  You play, you get in shape, you eat, you had to run that crap down first, you sleep, you had to climb your ass up a tree to keep yourself from becoming dinner.  So every once and a while you need to grab a friend and take the really hard route just because it looks more dangerous (and in-turn, fun).    This is the hard route for the day, so no worries about finding one later.  Enjoy. 


Think of sweet team name, Rest 3.5 sec between efforts. 


Teams of 2, For time:

2000m Row (Switch Every 250m)
300 Double Unders
200 HR Push ups
150 KBS (70, 53#)
100 Pull-Ups
50 Over-Bar Wallball Shots