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December 15, 2014


I hope everyone who wanted to got to get dunked on Friday.  Remember, it's just a number.  It does not define your strength, fitness level or even health (though they are correlated).  It is only a measurement of body composition, if it isn't what you wanted to see, use it as motivation to dial in your eating habits over the next few months.  

Where do we go now?  We still have a bit before our challenge starts and this would be a great time to account for what habits need to change to see the results we want.  I would like everyone to keep a very specific food journal over the next week or two.  EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth should be on it, including accounting for total water consumption and any other liquids (coffee, juice, booze, soda etc.).  I will personally go over each and every one and help establish some first steps or habits that need alteration.  This journal can be as detailed as you would like but the more info the better.  If you've never done this before I PROMISE it will be of great benefit moving forward. 


1) 10 Min to Find a Heavy Complex:
Two Stop Full Clean + Clean 
** Two stop clean: From floor, first pause is just below knee cap, second pause is in the power position (about mid thigh).  DO NOT DOUBLE HITCH out of your power position, go from a static hold directly into your 2nd and 3rd pull.  Then bar returns to floor, set, pull a full clean.

<< NO REST >>

2) 10 Min to Find a Heavy Complex:
Behind the Neck Push Jerk + Front Rack Split Jerk
** Take this from a rack, start on the back, go directly from one rep to the other without dropping. 


21-15-9, For Time:
Power Clean (155/105)
Bar Facing Burpee