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August 4, 2014


Tuesday is 1RM Back Squat, eat some good carbs Monday night and make sure to stay hydrated and sleep well.  Try to squeeze in some good mobility before you hit the hay, if you truly want to find the limits of your abilities, be proactive and give your body what it needs.  


3 Rounds, NOT FOR TIME, but unbroken:
10 Side Lunges (5r/l)
10 Glute Bridges (2-3 sec hold at top)
5 Back Squats (Approx. 30% 1RM) (Fast down, bounce out, squeeze glutes up top)


7 Min Each to Work up to a heavy triple for:
1) Shoulder Press
2) Bench Press

Rest 1 Minute, Then:

Tabata, 6 rounds each:
Calorie Row
Box Jump (HIGH)
Double Unders


Spend 5 - 10 min stretching, focus on hamstrings, back, glutes, ankles, hip flexors, quads etc.  Basically all the major players in the squat.