Archived WODS

This is an archived history of Narrows CrossFit WODs. For the latest WODs, check here.

June 22, 2015


Our CF Kids camp begins today at 10:30am!  Hope to see all your little ones there, if you have any questions throw Mike an email HERE.


Squat Specific Warm-Up:
8@40%, 6@60%, 4@70%, 2@80%, 1@85%

Back Squat @ 90% 1RM EMOM For 8 Sets 
- Finish with a set of 10, easy, fast and perfect.

** If form breaks down or you fail to complete a set, rest for 3 minutes and resume where you left off. 


Every Three Minutes Complete The Following For 5 Sets:
5 Push Press
5 Front Squat
5 Thrusters
You choose the weight. Same weight for all 3 movements. No dropping the bar till all 15 reps are complete.  Bar starts from the ground.  Score is total weight and maximum weight.