Day one of our 60-Day challenge will be a body composition test consisting of a hydrostatic body fat test. This will measure your lean body mass as well as fat. You will then dial in your diet and exercise regimen for 9 weeks, losing fat and gaining muscle. We will do a retest at the end to see how everyone fared. The 2 males and 2 females with the best overall scores will win a prize purse of over $500! Let's gear up for a new year and the 2017 CrossFit Open. If you've ever doubted how much your diet affects your overall health, wellbeing and athletic performance I DARE you to give this a shot. It is eye opening. 

Registration fee includes both first and final fat tests. Contact Mike to pick a testing time for Monday 12/12. If you are unable to make Monday work, you may test at another local gym within the week. No excuses, lets get everyone on board!

If you don't feel like the "challenge" is for you then you can still do the fat test to get a baseline for your training. This is a very important health metric and something worth doing. Absolutely no stats will be made public.