Hey Everyone, 

Some of you may know an old friend of Narrows Crossfit, Joe Rodriguez. He has helped coach at Narrows when we first got rolling and maybe more surprising than that, he was influential in Mike starting Crossfit many years ago :). Joe is one of the most kind-hearted individuals you have ever met. He is full of faith, optimism and a darn good coach if I do say so myself. 

Recently, he and his wife Brianna were blessed with a beautiful little girl named Shirley. Unfortunately, Shirley has been having some medical issues and as only seems appropriate, they have been spending every possible moment with their little one. In the middle of all of this, their home was broken into. 

Brianna's mother has started a go fund me account to help cover their medical expenses and their property losses. If you are son inclined, please donate. If nothing else, please keep this amazing family in your thoughts and prayers.