Our friends from SFH will be in all morning to tell us about their products and give out some samples, hope you can make it!!


4x3 @ 70% across - Back Squat
* Smooth, perfect reps.  Complete a set every 90 seconds. 


With a running clock
A.  AMRAP 5 of Burpee BJ Overs (24/20)
*Rest 5:00
B.  AMRAP 4 of 10 Meter Shuttle Runs (1 foot must cross the line at each turn around
*Rest 4:00
C.  AMRAP 3 of Power Cleans (155/105)
*Rest 3:00
D.  AMRAP 2 of Wallball Shots (30/20)
*Rest 2:00
E.  AMRAP 1 of Max Unbroken Pull ups
* After your max set, note the total and continue counting reps.