We are going to be hitting two of the CrossFit Team Series workouts today.  If you are competing this year, get your team together at the same class to tackle it.  If not, try to find two male and two female athletes to work with today.  Don't sweat it if you don't have anyone, we'll take care of you (-:


CrossFit Team Series Event 4:
10 Min to Establish a 1RM Hang Power Clean
* 4 person teams, one female bar, one male bar (idealy).  Only one of the four can work at a time. 5 lbs minimum weight increase. Bar must be deadlifted before rep begins, bar cannot be loaded lower than the knee. 


CrossFit Team Series Event 3:
Max Calories rowed in 5 minutes
Max Push Presses in 5 minutes (115/95)
* One rower, men start on the rower and complete the first five minutes then tag the women in to start on the rower.  The men then move on to the single barbell to complete as many push presses as possible in 5 min.  Once the timer beeps, they will tag the women in to pick up their barbell and begin.  One rower, two barbells per team, 15 minute clock.