Murph is coming up in one week and we would love for everyone to be there.  It is our biggest event of the year and is always a blast.  Last year we had over 60 people complete Murph.  This year our after party is moving off site.  Zack and Tamara Rosenbloom have graciously opened their home to us and we couldn't be more thrilled.  Please see our FB event for more info and please RSVP as it will help us get an idea on numbers.  

Just a heads up for those that are new.  Every member of this gym will complete Murph, if you miss Monday you will do it on your first day back unless otherwise scheduled with a coach.  This is a very special event for our community, we are honored to share it with all our members.


Hang Clean (Power Position/mid thigh)


A) 12 KB Front Rack Walking Lunges (53's/35's)
B) 12 Deficit Push-ups (stacking plates/rings)
C) 12 Box Jump (30/24+)
D) 50s Plank Hold (elbows)