Workout of the Day

Monday is our dunk tank. For those of you who don’t know, we bring in a body fat testing truck twice a year to help give us a baseline for our diet and nutrition goals. If you have been letting your nutrition and diet go by the wayside, convincing yourself it doesn’t make a difference, you are lying to yourself. It is the #1 marker for your health, athletic performance and vitality. If you have never done it I HIGHLY recommend you get in that tank.

If you’d like to test, bring a swimsuit and a towel and jump in before you workout. The truck will be at the gym from 5:30AM - 6:00PM. Today’s WOD will be an open gym style partner workout to accommodate varying testing times.

800m Run
23 Burpee Pull Ups (*Mark)
101 Box Jumps (*Tina)
400m Run Backwards
121 Push-Ups (*Ronnie)
135 Sit-ups (*Greg)
800m Run
9 Ground to overhead (185#/135#) (Number of kids left behind)

*Badge Number