Workout of the Day


Building 30 in Magnuson Park

Saturday: 8am - 3pm
Sunday: 9am - 3pm

On Wednesday's, we'll lead into the Open with an "On the Minute" primer. The intention here is to control our intensity and volume, while bringing about a strong active recovery feel. It's aim is to refine our engine and movements we may see ahead, while minimizing impact. Aim is to finish this eager for Friday.


Spend 15 Minutes on HSPU positioning, HS Walks, or Muscle-Ups.

On the Minute x 16 (4 Rounds)
Min 1 - 7 Box Jump Overs + 10 Deadlift
Min 2 - 5 Power Snatches + 5 Overhead Squats
Min 3 - 5 Strict Pull-Ups + 5-10 Kipping HSPU
Min 4 - Recovery Row/Bike/Ski

Box - 24"/20"
Barbell - 50-55% of your estimated 1RM Snatch.