Workout of the Day

True to Narrows CrossFit tradition, everyone in the gym will be completing Murph. If you have not completed Murph, you will do it at your first opportunity in lieu of the workout of the day. It is a “moment of silence” that is an important part of the CrossFit culture, we will all have an opportunity to pay our homage to our fallen brothers and sisters.


"Jelly Belly"
50 AbMat SU, 25 Cal Bike, 10 Deadlifts
40 AbMat SU, 20 Cal Bike, 8 Deadlifts
30 AbMat SU, 15 Cal Bike, 6 Deadlifts
20 AbMat SU, 10 Cal Bike, 4 Deadlifts
10 AbMat SU, 5 Calorie Bike, 2 Deadlifts
*Rx Barbell – 275/185